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Skills Demanded by Top Firms

Learn Python, C++, or React

We only teach the skills demanded by top firms.

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Verified Top Financial Firm Instructors

We only hire top financial firm engineers as our instructors

It's expensive but it leads to better outcomes for everyone.

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Course Details

  • Course Duration

    Most candidates are ready to interview at firms in 4 months

  • Average Job Search Time

    Most of our candidates take 3 months to find a high paying job and recieve multiple offers

  • Course Fee

    $0 until you find a job, then 5% of your salary for 4 yearsor$7000 upfront

Stop wasting your time on youtube videos

Our Program

  • Choose a Flagship Finance Skill

    Choose a Flagship Skill you'd like to specialize in; Python, C++, or React.We recommend Python or React for less experiences coders or C++ if you prefer a challenge.

  • Learn your Flagship Skill As Fast As Possible

    We provide the study material, exact chapters, and exact LeetCode questions that you need to learn.When you need help, we provide 1-1 support.

  • Mock Interviews

    We drill test the most relevant LeetCode and HackerRank questions for your skill level.Our instructors are interviewers at top financial firms - so they already know what you need to know - and what is irrelevant..

  • Resume Preperation

    We provide resumes that almost always get past the automated checker and onto HR's desk.We know this because our instructors look at resumes themselves at their financial employer firms.

  • Offer Negotiation

    We prepare you for the offer negotiation to get you the highest salary.If you ask the right questions, you can substantially increase your offer.Some of our candidates have received signing bonuses of over $20k USD.

Blitzkreig Learning

  • Super Fast Learning Process

    There's no time to waste. Our aim is to get you skilled as fast as possible.You'll be provided only the most relevant chapters to your Flagship Skill, and you'll only practice on the most relevant LeetCode questions.If the interviewer doesn't care then we dont.

  • Verified Top Financial Firm Instructors

    We only provide instructors with a verified employment history at top financial firms.It's easier if we hire those who perform the interviews - we know what our colleagues are likely to ask.

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